How To Easily Upgrade Your Home and Make it Safer as You Age

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Let me start by saying you don’t need to hire a contractor to remodel your home in order to make it senior friendly and safe.

Making your home a safer environment for a aging parent, or even for yourself is just smart thinking, and to do it the way I’m going to show it’s smart execution.

I’m going to share a few tips that fall into the DIY category, meaning you can take care of most of these yourself in a couple of weekends, and with a month’s worth of Starbucks budget 🙂

I break down “Angel Safe Home Upgrades” into 3 categories:  1. Safety  2. Piece of mind  3.Comfort


  • Consider a medical alert or a buddy system.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and smoke detector on every floor.
  • Remove all scatter rugs.
  • Remove electrical or telephone cords from traffic areas, hallways, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.
  • Have sturdy rails for all stairs inside and outside the house, especially bathroom
  • Use only non-glare 100 watt or greater incandescent bulbs (or the fluorescent equivalents.)
  • Make sure that all stair cases, bedroom and restrooms have good lighting with switches at top and bottom.
  • Make sure that staircase steps should have a non-slip surface.
  • Mark cold and hot faucets clearly.
  • Put a shower chair inside tub in case you need to sit while showering.
  • Skid-proof tub and make sure the batch mat has a non-slip bottom


  • Skid-proof the tub and make sure the bath mat has a non-slip bottom.
  • To avoid scalds, turn water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  • Use door locks that can be opened from both sides.
  • Consider a medical alert or a buddy system.
  • Have medication, doctors, and healthcare providers list handy in case of emergency.
  • Keep fire extinguisher and smoke detector handy and in working condition
  • Keep floors clean and uncluttered


  • Use a service like Instacart to deliver your groceries at home.
  • Consider an electric bed with a Trapeze for easier mobility in and out of bed (insurance will cover in most instances).
  • Downsize to smaller garbage and recycling bags inside the house, easier to carry out to bins.
  • Install an elevated commode over your toilet in order to make sitting and standing easier (insurance will cover in most instances).
  • Have your pharmacy deliver your medications to your doorstep.

Bigger expenses I’d consider if necessary in terms of priorities and needs would be in the shower area by getting rid of the curtain and installing a door, and also a ramp, if a wheelchair is required to get in and out of the house frequently.

It’s all about thinking strategically, thinking ahead… If your parents live alone, or you feel you are getting up in age, it may be time to consider making your home senior safe and comfortable, and as you can see it’s not very difficult to get started!

If you can think of any more tips along these categories please let us know by commenting below.

Stay safe!

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