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How Much Does Long Term Care Services At Home Really Cost?

How Much Does Long Term Care Services At Home Really Cost?

The actual costs of Long Term Care services really depend on 2 things:

Where you live, and your unique needs.

You can start here to the get your footing:

Bookmark this site and visit it often. Their resources are off the charts!

This website will help you get a basic baseline on general costs.

Then you can focus on your unique needs, and throw these against your budget.

The important thing is to be well educated on what your options are:

  • Your loved one’s insurance network
  • Their condition – both physical and cognitive
  • Financial and legal options
  • Eligibility for existing program and products
  • Personal network and flexibility

Every situation is different. In 20 years of helping families set the right at home long term care program, I’ve learned one thing…

Everyone needs help from a team, but not one program per family is the same.

On a personal note, both my grandmothers passed away well into their nineties… 

One of them had advanced Alzheimer’s and keeping her at home was much more of a challenge…

Which is why we ended up choosing the option of an ALF, after care at home became untenable.

My paternal granny passed at 92 y/o, and their needs and home care plans couldn’t be more different!

My maternal granny stayed at home all the way to the end. Her clinical scenario was different.

She had no issues with dementia/ALZ, it was the natural tear and wear from being a centenarian.

Her body eventually failed, as it will for most of us if we’re lucky to live that long.

For both my grandmothers, their long term care services cost and management challenges, couldn’t have been more different in the way we approached their care.

This is the case for most families. Especially when managing elder spouses.

If you have a chance to work with a care manager or home care specialist do so. 

I can’t tell you how many families have blessed the day we met.

I don’t mean to pump myself up. It’s what they say.

But it brings me immense joy to know that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

And I did it by sharing information, which I honestly take for granted.

I’ll leave you with this…

Costs are only a part of the equation when it comes to putting the best at home Long Term Care plan together.

Spend some time digging on what your Mom, Dad, or spouse qualify for.

Then start building a team right away. Talk to everyone, the right help is waiting to service your needs.

Claudio Alegre

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