Providing Exceptional Home Care Services in the Miami Florida area for over 20 years!

About Us

Why Choose Us?

We help families in Miami Florida get homecare services for their loved ones without having to rely solely on insurance, and at extremely reasonable rates.

 MEDICARE-MEDICAID Certified Agency  –We can work with your Medicare and Medicaid Insurance provider.
 WE HIRE EXCEPTIONALLY WELL TRAINED CAREGIVERS AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS  –All personnel are back-ground checked, bonded, insured and uniquely trained in the home care service industry, now you don’t have to worry about the quality of people visiting your home every day.
 TIMELY AND SAFER CARE AT HOME   –When you can depend on timely and safer care you tend to stress and worry less, which means “ALL IS WELL”, because your loved one are taken care of!
 FLEXIBLE PRICING ALWAYS!  –After we’ve maximized your insurance and program benefits, if you need additional services you will love our flexible pricing structure. You’ll always pay as you go. With rates as low as $20 per hour, you can get reliable care for just an hour or, 24-7! No long term commitments, no hourly minimums, and no contracts!

Thank you, we appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in us 🙂

Caregiving peace of mind,

 [kair-givin pees ov mynd] :
a state of worry-free happiness, trust, and immense gratitude that comes from knowing your loved ones are honored, comfortable, and safe because of you.

Dear family caregiver,

We understand what you’re going through – it’s the reason we are looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to help you not just cope… 

But THRIVE as a caregiver with a convalescent spouse, parent, or loved one at home.  

We know about the sleepless nights, the stress, and the frustration that comes from caregiver burn out.

We understand how hopeless it can feel not to be able to depend on others…

And we know what it’s like to feel alone with the inevitable and non-negotiable responsibility of caring for someone you love.

We want to help you build a team around your family’s needs. So you can get back to your regular life…

And in the process, get you the peace of mind you desperately need…

So here’s our promise:

We will find you the right help to care for your loved one in 24 hours or less

With caregivers who won’t be late or miss visits, and who show consistency in quality of care… 

Caregivers who won’t spend their time on the phone instead of on your mom, dad, or spouse.

We won’t take advantage of your situation and charge you time and a half on holidays … 

Or impose ridiculous minimum hours just because we can…

In fact we’ll do quite the opposite, and make it easier on your budget by discounting rates for 12+ hour shifts.

And we will over-communicate and keep you well informed at every point of our journey together.

If we don’t feel we’re a good match for your needs, we will let you know right away, and will not string you along and waste your time.

And when possible… refer you to someone else we feel is a better fit for your unique needs.

This is our promise.

It all starts with a 20 minute Caregiving Strategy Session, where we’ll discuss what the proper Plan of Care should be, based on your unique circumstances.

We’ll work out a program that fits your schedule and budget, then match the right kind of help with the needs of your loved one.

If you decide to proceed, the first 4 HOURS of care will be provided at a largely reduced rate… 

This will give you the chance to sample the help at absolutely no risk!

Bottom line

We will get you the help you need fast. With caregivers, you will love. Without the usual BS and inconvenient agency hassles!

Whether we earn the privilege to serve you or not after our conversation, one thing’s for certain… You’ll no longer be in the dark about your home care service options.

And you’ll walk away from our session with a renewed sense of hope and direction. 

Our team is looking forward to meeting you.

Please call us at: 305.220.4544

Or, set up an appointment by clicking Free Assessment below.

Take good care,
Claudio Alegre – CEO

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