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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes as a Family Caregiver

Caring for someone close to you, whether a child, friend, or an aging parent or spouse can be challenging.

Like everywhere else in our lives, we often develop poor habits rather than sticking to proven methods know to work.

I don’t know why we do this, but we all do.

In fact, most family caregivers who experience burnout, do so by making these 3 common mistakes.


Mistake #1 –Trying to Do It All Alone


The Superhero Syndrome- Many caregivers fall into the trap of thinking they need to do everything themselves.

It’s like trying to be a superhero without a sidekick. But here’s the thing – even superheroes need a team!

Going solo in caregiving will lead to burnout, stress, and health issues. It’s a matter of time.

The truth is you’re no help to anyone if you get burnt out.


How to Avoid It:

Build Your Care Squad- Think of caregiving as a team sport. Gather family or professionals who can share the load.

Seek Professional Help- Don’t shy away from hiring a home care agency, or consult with a care manager, they have a world of experience and practical information waiting to share it with you. 

Resources- Keep your doctor close, even though they may not be as involved in the day-to-day of family caregivers. He/she’s still a great community resource. 


Mistake #2 –Not keeping up-to-date with caregiving options and resources


Often, caregivers are unaware of the resources and support available to them. It’s like trying to fix a leaky faucet without knowing which tools to use.


How to Avoid It:

Information is your best friend, stay updated on elder care resources.

The internet, local community centers, and healthcare providers are jackpots of information…

Learning from experts and other families that have gone through similar experiences. 

On top of that, there are lots of helpful resources out there to teach you, and in some cases, they can get you the help you need right away.


Mistake #3 –Not knowing the difference between hiring an agency vs. hiring private.


Choosing between hiring a private caregiver and going through an agency can be tricky…

The belief is that hiring private will be less expensive than going through an agency.

 Although there are benefits to doing this, it isn’t always the case. 


SOLUTION – There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. It really depends on your specific situation. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons, and YOU can decide what’s best for you!






  •  You are in charge of the selection process and making the final decision.


  • A private caregiver is generally cheaper than hiring through a home care agency.


  • You are giving caregivers an opportunity to work independently and for better wages.




  •  It may be difficult to find qualified caregivers.


  • You will need a backup plan when your caregiver is not available.


  • Conducting personal interviews, checking references, and performing background checks are time-consuming tasks.


  • You are responsible for managing employee payroll and tax records. As well as withholding social security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes.


  • You are liable for job-related accidents in your home.







  •  You have the possibility of several caregivers to choose from.


  • Most agencies offer backup caregivers when your regular caregiver is not available.


  • Nurse assistants have formal training and certification.


  • Caregiver references and background checks are done at the time of hire.


  • Home care agencies are required to supervise their aides and evaluate performance.


  • Caregivers take part in ongoing training.


  • Licensed home care agencies carry liability insurance, and many have worker’s compensation. 


  • Insured or bonded Employees. Protects you against theft and damages.




  •  Different caregivers may disrupt the care of your parents.


  • Home care agencies are more expensive (usually $3-$9 more per hour) than private caregivers. They have expenses related to recruitment, hiring, and payroll deductions. Including ongoing supervision and training.



The best agencies focus on the quality and accessibility of the aides. We obsess about it!

As well as the best chefs obsess about the quality and freshness of the food they prepare. 

The fact is, deciding to hire a home health aide based on ONLY budget is not very smart.  

When we help family caregivers, our strategy is to perform good assessments, and provide the right advice based on facts and unique scenarios.

This helps key family members make the right decision, because they are now informed and educated on the best options available. 

So there you have it, 3 costly mistakes family caregivers are making and how to avoid them. 


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