Living with Dementia -6 Tips for Caregivers

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Caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia it’s like an Iron Man race you can’t train for, and where tempo and speed shift on you with no heads up, warning, and you have to be ready.

Needless to say caregiving for someone with dementia will either evolve you as a human being, or it will consume you.

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How To Deal With An Exceptionally Difficult Parent

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difficult parent

Before we start let me make this point first…

EMPATHY (…the rare ability some humans possess to walk in someone else’s shoes) will always, always be your most effective weapon against the negativity, toxicity, anger, and personal attacks that may come your way from an elderly parent or a loved one you’re caring for.

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How To Easily Upgrade Your Home and Make it Safer as You Age

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Let me start by saying you don’t need to hire a contractor to remodel your home in order to make it senior friendly and safe.

Making your home a safer environment for a aging parent, or even for yourself is just smart thinking, and to do it the way I’m going to show it’s smart execution.

I’m going to share a few tips that fall into the DIY category, meaning you can take care of most of these yourself in a couple of weekends, and with a month’s worth of Starbucks budget :-)

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17 Not-So-Obvious But Unmistakable Warning Signs Your Parent Is Declining in Function and Will Soon Need Help at Home


Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~Mark Twain, Following the Equator


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You know instinctively this day is coming. The day when the next call you’ll get could be from a neighbor, a police officer, or just a total stranger who is trying to help your wandering and disoriented parent. The day when they can no longer shop, bathe, or eat by themselves. They day when they call you by a different name.

Any one scenario above can be pre-planned or even avoided. The key is to know what signs to look for!

It’s amazing how much pain and frustration a little bit of planing can save you when the time comes to face a parent’s inevitable decline into a state of permanent convalescence.

The question is, when that day comes  —Will they have the foundation OF care YOU planned and created for them?

Now remember, these are not signs that they need help URGENTLY …but rather not-so-obvious warning signs that NOW it’s the time to start planning some sort of Home Care or personalized caregiver program.

Not knowing these NOT-SO-OBVIOUS warning signs is why almost everyone gets caught unprepared and tool-less.

The result is they are now forced to rush decisions at the worse possible time.

So here they are, 17 warning signs that if you are paying attention and like a detective, uncover the right clues, you will save yourself and your parent a mountain of pain and suffering!


Because you now know what to look for, and if you know what to look for you can plan ahead.

So be on the look out for:
  1. Frequent falls, visible cuts and bruises.
  2. Need the help of walker to get around house.
  3. When normal conversation stops or takes a depressing tone.
  4. Change in appearance and mood.
  5. No longer interested in activities and fun events.
  6. Excessive arguing and fly-off-the-handle type temper.
  7. Unopened meds and unfilled prescriptions.
  8. Lack of personal hygiene and bathing, strange odor.
  9. Noticeable weigh loss, not eating regularly.
  10. Unopened bills and personal mail.
  11. Frequent fender benders. Look for dents and scratches in car.
  12. Lack of housekeeping signs.
  13. Worsening of existing chronic conditions.
  14. Stale and expired food and drinks.
  15. Broken down house appliances and other items.
  16. Cancelling doctor visits.
  17. Excessive forgetfulness and absent mindedness.

You can complement this list with our very popular Elder Care Guide – and learn how to create a personalized Elderly Care custom plan.

This guide will show you how to build a basic support system at home for your elderly parents with limited coverage and without going broke in the process?

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to leverage the four types of Long Term Care payment sources for maximum value and minimum costs.
  • How to use our 3-Step-Process and 5-Point-Checklist and get the services you need started!
  • How to negotiate bottom line rates with caregivers and home care agencies.
  • How to quickly assess your parent’s finances for Long Term Care and other chronic health conditions …and a half a dozen other hacks and caregiving strategies!

So there you go, you now know more than 90% of everyone out there who may be facing an inevitable care giving scenario this week, but they are not armed with the tools you now have.

But let’s not keep this information all to ourselves!

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Take care :-)

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