"Helping Seniors and Their Families Feel Right at Home!"


"I can't leave
my Mother unsupervised anymore!"

If You Need Someone To Watch Over Your Elderly Parents For a Few Hours. Call This Number Now and We'll Send Someone Right Away:  (305) 220 - 4544

Did you know if you are 60 or older and live in South Florida you may be eligible to receive 15-20 hours a week of FREE home care services?

One of the biggest concerns people have today regarding the care of an elderly parent has to do with:

"What if my Mom gets to the point of needing some serious caregiving at home, but her insurance won't cover the services and the hours she needs...
What then?"

A very reasonable question isn't! For your particular case, we may have the answers you are looking for!

Call us and speak to a CARE SPECIALIST so you can find RIGHT NOW if your Mom or Dad are eligible to RECEIVE THESE SERVICES through existing state funded programs, or by MAXIMISING their existing insurance benefits.

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Feel Cared For . Worry Less . Get Some Rest 

Personal Care

If two or more ADLs (activities of daily living) have been compromised, we can help. Bathing, eating, dressing and much more. 

Nursing and Therapy

If your Doctor recommended a Nurse or a Physical Therapist at home for you,  all we need is a prescription and you are all set! 

Homemaking & Respite 

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Need a little cleaning or a much needed rest? Get both right here!

Our Patients and Their Families
Are Thrilled With Our Services!

"Angel Home Care Services is now part of our family, my life was in chaos before they showed up, Thank you guys!"


"I’m incredibly grateful for all the patience and clinical expertise devoted to my brother's case."

Renee. G

"Angel Home Care Services private services team has given our family the gift of time and piece of mind."

Mitra. P

The information you provided on our first phone call was amazing, it was an easy decision to have the care of my mom entrusted to Angel Home Care Services shortly after!
Jackie. C

Stop The Worry and Constant Stress That Comes With Caring For Rapidly Aging Parents!

We help families in Miami Florida get homecare services for their loved ones without having to rely solely on insurance, and at extremely reasonable rates. 

Because we are a MEDICARE-MEDICAID Certified Agency we can work with your Medicare and Medicaid Insurance provider.

WE HIRE EXCEPTIONALLY WELL TRAINED CAREGIVERS AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, All personnel are back-ground checked, bonded, insured and uniquely trained in the home care service industry, now you don't have to worry about the quality of people visiting your home every day.

We Provide TIMELY AND SAFER CARE AT HOME. When you can depend on timely and safer care you tend to stress and worry less, which means "ALL IS WELL", because your loved one are taken care of!

We have FLEXIBLE PRICING ALWAYS! After we've maximized your insurance and program benefits, if you need additional services you will love our flexible pricing structure. You'll always pay as you go. With rates as low as $16 per hour, you can get reliable care for just an hour or, 24-7! No long term commitments or contracts!

Thank you, we appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in us :-)

You Don't Have To Go It Alone...
Schedule Your Personal Eligibility Assessment Today!

Friend,  WE UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH  --  it's the reason we are looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to help you not just cope, but THRIVE as a caregiver with a convalescent spouse, parent or loved one at home.

Your PERSONAL ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT will be entirely FREE and it will tell us exactly what services you parent's can receive, which of these services are 100% covered, and for how long! At no point are you under any
obligation to retain our services. 

Whether we earn the privilege to help you with a loved one or not ...one thing is for certain, you will no longer be in the dark about your HOME CARE SERVICES options, and you will walk away from our meeting with a renewed sense of hope and direction. See you soon!