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Physical Therapy in Coral Gables
Physical Therapy in Coral Gables

How Exactly Does Physical Therapy Help Seniors With Arthritis?

Around a quarter of Americans have arthritis. Rates are six times higher in adults aged 65 or older. You worry, because your dad is part of that percentage. During your visit, you noticed how difficult it is for him to move around his house when arthritis pain flares.

Joint-friendly activities like biking, swimming, and walking help with mobility. But, the pain keeps your dad from wanting to get up and move around. Have you asked his doctor about physical therapy to get your dad active?

The Types of Arthritis That Affect Your Dad’s Balance and Mobility

The three most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, and gout. Osteoarthritis is the most common. It occurs when cartilage in the joint wears down and leads to bone rubbing on bone, something that happens with age. Activity helps ease the pain, so it’s important for your dad to stay active.

If he’s dealing with osteoarthritis or any of the others, he should work with a physical therapist. It’s an important step in building muscle to support the joints, reducing the need for pain medications, and improving flexibility and movement.

Gout is also aided by diet. It’s worth asking your dad’s doctor about the foods he should and shouldn’t eat. Often red meats, shellfish, and alcoholic beverages are best avoided if you want to stop your dad’s gout flare-ups.

To stop the body’s immune system from attacking joints due to rheumatoid arthritis, medications may be required. Someone with mobility and strength can essentially avoid much joint pain. So to stay mobile, working with a physical therapist is important for your dad.

What Happens During a Physical Therapy Appointment

What happens at the physical therapist’s appointment? The therapist will assess your dad’s flexibility, balance, and stamina first. By talking about his health, the physical therapists will identify your dad’s limitations.  Basically, building the plan for your dad together.

Your dad will do exercises at home on his own between physical therapy visits. Sometimes, equipment that delivers electrical currents to the joints to ease pain is used. Hot and cold packs can also help with pain and inflammation.

The therapist works with your dad for the appointment time. After the therapist leaves, your dad needs to continue to do his exercises. He can’t limit his workouts to times when the therapist visits. The more he practices his exercises, the stronger he gets.

Physical therapy is important for easing arthritis pain. Don’t wait until your dad falls and injures himself. Physical therapy is a great way to help him with mobility and balance. Arrange to have physical therapists help him build strength, balance, and stamina.

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