Don’t Leave Your Doctor’s Office Without Asking These 5 Critical Questions


With slashing reimbursements, busy workloads, and less and less time to devote to face to face patient consult, physicians attention and focus have never been more compromised. Which is why we put together these 5 key questions to help you maximize the quality of the conversation with your doctor. Here they are: [Read more…]

6 Wickedly Effective Ways of Knowing if Your Caregiver is Doing a Good Job

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Imagine you’ve spent all this time in the process of hiring and training a caregiver, only to find out weeks later that she’s not going to work out. Here’s are 6 ways
to avoid hiring caregiver-duds. [Read more…]

How To Get Free Home Care Services if You Are a Veteran and Spouse

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Did you know as a Veteran or Surviving Spouse you may be eligible to receive between $1,149 and $2,120 per month of home care service benefits with zero cost to you!

If there’s a group of citizens that deserve every ounce of help, respect, and care from our Government and other citizens, it’s our Service men and women.

The healthcare system is riddled with programs and services many people simply don’t know about. This particular service has NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS to Veterans and their spouses, and is funded 100% by the US Government.

[Read more…]

How To Sneak Up On Alzheimer’s Disease By Doing Smart Planning

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Alzheimer's care

I don’t think the WHY one needs to properly plan for this devastating disease is any longer debated or doubted, rather the HOW becomes the central hub of both debate and action around this topic.

However if you are still questioning why you may need to prepare for future Alzheimer’s care here are some hair-raising stats:

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Let’s start with this quick fact, which I find critical in understanding a future that may very well resemble yours.

“When asked if they had a choice in taking on the responsibility to provide care for their loved one, half of caregivers self-reported they had NO choice in taking care of their caregiving responsibilities.”

But what’s this got to do with you [Read more…]

10 Caregiver Support Groups You Need To Know About


Here’s a list of support group resources that will help you find a meeting place – in person or online – that’s right for you.

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of making time to attend caregiver support groups, which is critical for anyone who cares for a loved one who is seriously ill.

Even if you hire a home health aide or place an elderly parent in a care facility, it’s important to connect with others dealing with similar concerns: from managing healthcare to financial decisions to emotional distress and coping strategies.

The Caregiver Action organization provides some great tips on choosing a group based on your needs on their support group page. Apart from the resources listed below, you might consider looking into caregiver support group meetings at area agencies on aging, disease-specific voluntary organizations, faith communities in churches or temples, adult day care centers, hospice providers and community outreach programs at hospitals.


1. Find local support groups via  Community Resource Finder at The Alzheimer’s Association.

2. Contact your local Easter Seals office to find out about caregiver support group meetings in your area. Additional support is available through the Easter Seals Caregiver’s Spokespersons Network, which are based in several U.S. cities, including Miami.

3. Today’s Caregiver offers caregiver support group listings from around the country.

4. The Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging, can help you find local caregiver support groups.

5. Find caregiver support groups across the country at Specify your zip code for more localized meetups. If none are available, consider starting your own.


6. The Alzheimer’s Association offers several discussion boards and a Solutions section in an easy-to-read question and answer format.

7. Emblem Health’s Care for the Family Caregiver Program shares stories on Facebook.

8. AARP has an extensive discussion forum just for caregivers in their caregiver support online community.

9. offers two forums, Connect With Others in a Similar Situation plus Vent and Share, as well as numerous caregiving support online groups, a live chatroom, a Tweet chats and tips on starting a caregiver support group in your own community.

10. The Caregiver Space, a website founded by a caregiver, has a number of forums for caregiver support.

I hope you’ve not only enjoyed, but will put these resources to good use…

Take care!


maria de los angelesMaria de los Angeles is an award-winning writer based in Miami who became a caregiver to her parents in 2008. Since then, she has been a passionate advocate for eldercare and caregiver issues.


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