What To Do If Your Siblings Won’t Help With Parent’s Caregiving

A common scenario right?  You may be going through it right now… As with most things in caregiving, urgent communication, action, and transparency is pretty much 50% of the battle my friends. It’s important to remain cool, calm, and collected. Even if you are upset and frustrated to no end because you are the one brother […]

Noise Pollution: A Health Hazard in Elder Care

Be aware of noise pollution when caring for the elderly. In my last post, I wrote about music as a beneficial form of therapy for the elderly who suffer from memory disorders, which begs the question: what about the sounds of everyday life? The Environmental Protection Agency explains the consequences of unwanted and disturbing sound, which […]

6 Positive Thoughts on Caregiving to Welcome the New Year

Caregiving seems overwhelming when you’re caught up in the daily routine. As we head into 2016, here are some thoughts on how to experience caregiving with a positive attitude. In 2015, I transitioned from a full-time caregiver back to a somewhat “normal” life with my dad now in a nursing home. Although caregiving was challenging, to say […]

Support Groups Help Deal with Caregiver Burnout

Support groups are invaluable for caregivers who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Make them a priority in routine caregiver self-care. ATTENTION! Free Report Reveals Secret Formula For Getting Elder Care at Home …without going broke in the process! The number one rule of caregiving is take care of yourself first. This rule is easy to overlook when we’re […]

10 Must Ask Questions Before Hiring a Home Health Aide

Are you in need of a home health aide for your elderly parents or a loved one, and you don’t know how to go about it? How do you make sure this person or company are legit and not someone with a questionable background? How do you supervise or even rate the care you are […]