ADL Life Hacks As a Senior Caregiver

Senior caregiving is a challenge for everyone involved. If you are the one caring for a senior, you may be struggling with how to care for them. You may also find yourself overwhelmed by the many responsibilities that come with this job. As a caregiver, finding ways to make your job easier and more enjoyable […]

Why it’s Totally Ok To Shamelessly Lie, Cajole, and Steal From Your Elderly Parents

…a one minute read I asked you a few posts ago to “forget logic” with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia …didn’t I? We all know that lying and stealing are generally bad things, and you are right, under normal circumstances telling lies is pretty much a bad personal policy in general. Except, there’s nothing normal […]

Living with Dementia -6 Tips for Caregivers

…a 3 min read Caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia it’s like an Iron Man race you can’t train for, and where tempo and speed shift on you with no heads up, warning, and you have to be ready. Needless to say caregiving for someone with dementia will either evolve you as […]

The Art and Science of Medication Management for Seniors

Medication management for both seniors and caregivers can be overwhelming. In this series, we’ll look at ways to make the process less daunting. Here are some tips to get you started. As a primary caregiver to my parents, I never imagined I’d become a medical historian, health surrogate and patient advocate — that’s quite a few […]

What To Do If Your Siblings Won’t Help With Parent’s Caregiving

A common scenario right?  You may be going through it right now… As with most things in caregiving, urgent communication, action, and transparency is pretty much 50% of the battle my friends. It’s important to remain cool, calm, and collected. Even if you are upset and frustrated to no end because you are the one brother […]

How to Use Twitter to Learn About Caregiving

Social media “tweetchats” on caregiving offer a platform to connect with others and find countless resources on elder care. As an avid, frequent user of social media, I regularly employ a great online community tool that improves my access to information on elder care. In two previous posts, I wrote about the importance of caregiver support groups and also listed […]