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Personal Care at Home in Doral
Personal Care at Home in Doral

Five Chilling Facts to Know About Family Caregiving

Personal care at home is one of the best ways to help your mom stay independent as she ages at home. Before you arrange personal care at home services, learn about the facts associated with aging and the need for caregivers.

Three Out of Five Family Caregivers Provide Care to a Parent

Most unpaid family caregivers care for a parent. There are more family caregivers providing care to a mom or dad than to a spouse or grandparent. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to care for a parent.

Are you prepared for your mom’s care needs? Are you ready to have to wash your mom’s delicate areas? Will she be comfortable and cooperative while that happens? If she has Alzheimer’s, she may become very combative, which is emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting.

63% of Caregivers Live More than 20 Minutes Away

If you’re helping your mom, how close are you? If her house is more than 20 minutes from your home, you’re spending about 40 minutes each day commuting to and from her home. Add that to the amount of time spent helping her with daily activities.

56% of Caregivers Have to Stop In Multiple Times a Week

One visit each weekend may not be enough for your mom. More than half of family caregivers have to help multiple times per week. Your mom may need you every night to cook dinner. She may need you to take her to an appointment every few months, but she needs to grocery shop every week or two. Plus, there’s cleaning, daily exercise, and medication reminders.

One Out of Ten Caregivers Have Been Providing Care for Ten or More Years

Caregiving can be a long-term commitment. While the average duration of care is about four years, 11% of family caregivers report being a caregiver for at least ten years.

The Average Family Caregiver Works 40+ Hours and Provides Care, Too

A high percentage of family caregivers work 40 or more hours per week. On top of this, the average amount of care provided to an aging parent is 22.3 hours. Combine the two, and you’re working about 62 hours a week. Not to mention, there’s the commute time. Are you able to devote this much time to care?

When you spend that much time working and caring for your mom, what are you giving up? Without doubt, it’s possible you won’t have much of a personal life. Likewise, your children may become secondary to your mom’s needs. Is it fair to them or you?

Don’t try to do it all on your own. The chances of burning out and becoming overstressed and mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted are too great. Arrange personal care at home with ease by calling a home care specialist.


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