3 Ways For Seniors To Take It Easier And Enjoy Life Even More!

One of the best things about growing older is learning to take life in stride. While younger people often worry and stress over the little things, seniors know when to let things go. This can be done in several ways, but i’ve seen how life-battle-tested seniors do it and here are my observations: Resilience Resilience […]

7 Essentials Nutrients For Senior Healthy Living

For a long time, researchers were focused on the ratios of nutrients for optimal health. Until recently, it was believed that meeting some general guidelines for carbohydrates, fats, and protein sources sufficed. Now we know that the story is more complicated.  Especially for senior healthy living… Nutrients needed at different times in life can have […]

How To Be An Effective Caregiver For Someone With Dementia


Being an effective caregiver for someone with dementia can be a rewarding but tough job. You will definitely need to stay calm and have a sense of humor. You’ll also need the ability to let certain things go while enforcing others. But most importantly, you must try your best not to lose your cool.  While […]

Tips To Care For Your Elderly Parent During COVID-19

Elderly Parents

If you’re caring for your elderly parent during COVID-19, you’ve got a few extra things to take care of. Each time we think COVID-19 is gone, another variation shows up.  You never know what could happen when taking care of your parent during this time. You need to be there for them.  The COVID-19 pandemic […]

If You Think Medicare Is Free… Think Again!

“You do not have to be collecting social security to go on Medicare. You just have to be 65 years old. And deal with an advisor, somebody who can take you through what you have and make sure it’s the right thing.” –Marty Silbernik Our guest in this episode is Marty Silbernik (954)993.9339, a Medicare […]

A Long Term Care Crisis and How To Avoid it – [Part 1]

long term care insurance crisis

Imagine a hard-earned 250K – 500K retirement nest egg gone in less than 60 months… But that’s not the worst of it… Imagine now having to care for a spouse, a loved one, or even yourself, with little to no ability to pay for proper, qualified, and dignifying care…

What To Do If Your Siblings Won’t Help With Parent’s Caregiving

A common scenario right?  You may be going through it right now… As with most things in caregiving, urgent communication, action, and transparency is pretty much 50% of the battle my friends. It’s important to remain cool, calm, and collected. Even if you are upset and frustrated to no end because you are the one brother […]

5 Meaningful Ways To Say Thank You To a Caregiver This Thanksgiving

“Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.” — Chogyam Trungpa Can you think of anyone more deserving of your love and gratitude than a family caregiver? This question started hunting me last week  …and with the exception of my parents for being who […]

How To Hire a Caregiver for In-Home Care