How To Get Have Your Elderly Parents Properly Cared For Without Going Broke in The Process

"A guide to getting home care services at the lowest possible price"

Want to find out how to cover basic care at home for your elderly parents without going broke in the process?  
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  • How to leverage the four types of Long Term Care payment sources for maximum value and minimum costs
  • How to use our 3-Step-Process and 5-Point-Checklist and get the services you need started!
  • How to negotiate bottom line rates with caregivers and home care agencies
  • How to quickly assess your parent's finances for Long Term Care and other chronic health conditions
  • How to design your own custom homecare plan for maximum services and minimum costs
  • How to distinguish Medicare vs. Medicaid coverage as it relates to your Long Term Care needs
  • How to build a team of devoted professionals working for you around the clock!
  • How to convert any Life Insurance Policy into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan

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