How To Make Sure Your House is Suitable for Caregiving

homeOne of the first things to consider when caring for a loved one at home is the environment. We’ve lived most of our lives in health and convenience, so we forget than when convalescent, certain modification have to be made or we may end up like the proverbial one legged man in an ass kicking contest… with no chance of surviving!

This was an excerpt I found on the “ASK OUR EXPERTS” section of the AARP bulletin on this topic, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Here it is:

Q – How can we help our folks remain in the home they love and also ensure that our home will be suitable as we get older?

A – If the residence doesn’t have a step-free entrance, look into having one crated. Install handrails on both sides of all steps and staircases, and install grab bas in the shower, in the tub and near the toilet. If there isn’t a bedroom and full batch on the man floor, see if another room or space can be converted. Replace all door and faucet handles with lever-style handles, which are easier to use. Remove or secure all throw rugs. Use night-lights, timers and motion sensors that automatically provide needed lighting.

Find more ideas at at:, or order the free AARP “HomeFit Guide” at 888-687-2277 toll-free.

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